Club Management

Randy Harper, General Manager
Ext. 121  


Sarah Winston, Club Accountant 
Ext. 120  

Susie Bowersox-Glynn, Membership
Ext. 127

Cristina De Luna, Member Billing 
Ext. 119


Andrew Shiakallis, Clubhouse Manager
Ext. 131

Daniel Vogel, Executive Chef
Ext. 132

Juliana Segura, Events Coordinator
Ext. 130

Chris Long & Marisha Spero, Reception
Ext. 110

Lucy Rojas, Ladies' Locker Room Attendant
Ext. 147 | Direct: 224.544.1147

Marco Galvan, Maintenance Supervisor
Ext. 159

Golf Shop

Wade Gurysh, Head Golf Professional
Ext. 137

Ryan Peavey, Senior Assistant Golf Professional

John McGowan, Director of Outside Operations 
Ext. 293 | Direct: 847.735.8293

Golf Shop
Ext. 138 | Direct: 847.234.1210 


Drew Barnett, Golf Course Superintendent 
Ext: 122 | Direct: 847.234.4160

Men’s Locker Building

Ted Raupp, Men’s Locker Building Manager 
Ext. 804 | Direct: 847.482.1804 

Wilson Lodge / Racquets

Wilson Lodge

Todd Lewis, F&B Outdoor Service Manager
Ext. 154

Brad Smith, Director of Racquet Sports 
Ext. 825 | Direct: 847.739.0150

Sean Barth, Head Associate of Racquets Sports
Ext. 134

Swimming Pool

John Fischl, Swimming Professional 
Ext. 145